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I am based in Palm Springs California and offer income tax preparation services to individuals wherever they are located.

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About fees: Fees depend on the amount of work involved. After an initial consultation I will be in a better position to offer a better estimate.

Initial consultation: I provide an initial consultation at no cost to you. If you are local this can be in person. If you are out-of-town or international we can communicate via email, Skype, a chat program or telephone... This will give you a chance to ask me questions and let me know about any unique situations you might have.

NOTICE: If you have a foreign bank account (or interest in certain other foreign banking interests) please note:

The IRS has issued guidance on how penalties are determined when a US citizen, dual citizen or permanent resident lives outside the US and has not filed tax returns or reported foreign bank accounts (FBAR).  In many cases penalties would be waived altogether.


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