Getting Started
Let's Look at the process that we'll use if you decide to use me for your tax preparation.
Send us a copy of your most recently filed tax return. Include a copy of any state return (if applicable)
Send A Copy of Last US Tax Return
Send Engagement Letter
Please PRINT, SIGN and RETURN a copy of the engagement letter (click on image at right to download)
Send Current Tax Information Forms
Send us a copy of all of your tax information forms for the current tax year: W-2, 1099, 1098, K-1, 1095 (related to the Affordable Care Act).

If anything comes in later or is revised, be sure to send it to us right away.
Payment of Deposit
After preliminary information is received and we have discussed your unique situation, in most cases I'll send you an invoice (via email) for a 50% deposit of the estimated quote.

Payment may be made by check in U.S. funds, or most major credit cards.

For Credit Card Payment the email for the deposit will have a link for online payment.

Payment of the balance will be due as we finalize your taxes and get them ready to send to you.
Preparation and Filing
I will prepare and send you a COPY of your tax return.

You should carefully look over the return and insure that everything about your situation is accounted for and CORRECT.

If you have changes, please let me know right away.
If there are no changes you will sign and return the e-filing authorization to us.

Then we will e-file your return, send you a confirmation of e-filing.
If e-filing is not possible, you will have to "paper file."

If there are changes, please let us know immediately so a revised copy may be prepared and sent to you.

We will include instructions regards where to mail your return.
NOTE about how information may be sent to me:

You can FAX, scan and email, or upload through our website (if you have information already on your computer)

We can communicate through email, faxing, texting, Skype. See the CONTACT FORM for complete information.

If a payment is to be made (unless by direct bank debit) we will send a payment voucher to include with your payment.
Look at the Initial Questionaire
Look through our Initial Questionaire and fill in the relevant sections (You may fill it in on your computer or print it and fill it in).

SEND us the completed copy. (click on image at right to download)
Adobe Reader prevents most fillable forms from being SAVED on your computer.
We attempt to make our forms SAVABLE! You
should be able to fill out this form and save it on your computer. should work on the Mac.

There are alternatives for Windows that should allow you to fill out a form and then save the data for any PDF form -

example: Nuance PDF Reader for Windows

example: Foxit PDF Reader for Windows

It will NOT work if you try to fill in the form using your web browser (you may be able to fill in the form but not save the information). Please download the form, save it to disk and then fill it in.

You may also of course print the form and fill it in by hand.
Note about Adobe PDF Reader

initial questionaire

Please see important note below about Adobe Reader

engagement letter

You will be responsible for making any tax payments due by the due date(s).
Payment of Taxes Due